Magpie Superstitions

Magpies are lovely fairly large birds, a relative of the crow, which can be frequently spotted anywhere in England. The first time I spotted one, I had been walking with Ashley.

Since I have a habit of pointing out animals to him, it was no surprise that I got really excited over the bright blue-striped birdie. That's when he informed me, however, of the superstition surrounding the magpie. "If you only see one, it's bad luck and if you see two, it's good luck. But it could be the other way around."

Well, it doesn't do much good if you know a superstition all wrong. But luckily my friend Jen, who knows all the old English sayings, gladly informed me:

1 for sorrow
2 for joy

3 for a girl

4 for a boy

5 for silver

6 for gold

7 for secret never told

And if you happen to find yourself face to face with a single lone magpie, you're suppose to say, "Hi, Mr. Magpie, how's the wife and children?" in order to reverse the bad luck. (Aww, what cute little English sayings.)

♡ - Kristen

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  1. Lol funny you wrote about this. I was listening to NPR today and they were in Australia talking to different people in suburbs about them living in the area. Supposedly they are VERY protective of their nests (but what birds aren't I guess). Thy also remember humans. So if they feel you are a threat and swoop on you, and then you come back next week, they will remember and swoop on you again! Ha ha anyways enjoyed reading the post.